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Comsus delivers quality translation services assisted by Trados and a QA tool developed in-house.
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Founded in 1989 in Tokyo, Comsus works together with clients to realize optimum content management solutions.
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Comsus recommends multilingual translation with English as the hub language.
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Do you have problems managing projects involving multilingual translation?

“I have difficulties locating translators who can translate from Japanese into other languages.”
SolutionMake English the source language.

It can be difficult to find native language translators who are capable of understanding Japanese sufficiently enough to be able to translate it into their native languages. At Comsus, we translate the original Japanese documents into English first before translating them into other languages.

“Translation quality is not always satisfactory.”
SolutionAsk Comsus. We have established good relationships with reliable agencies on a global scale.

If you have to directly contact individual translators for each language involved in your multi-language projects, it will be time consuming and difficult to evaluate and inspect deliverables. Comsus has established relationships with top-notch agencies for Chinese, Korean and European languages. These agencies make sure that all deliverables are checked thoroughly before delivery. The credibility of these agencies has been proven through a long list of successful and satisfactory past business transactions. In addition, through the bound non-disclosure agreements we have with all our partner agencies, we ensure that confidentiality is never compromised.

Introduction to our key agencies

European Languages
Mr. Cris Gale

Scriptware is a translation and documentation company founded in 1989 in Heemstede, near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Scriptware and Comsus have been affiliated since 2002.

Comment from Cris
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Scriptware manages projects requiring European languages for Comsus, and Comsus takes care of translation from Japanese to English and vice versa for Scriptware, as part of a mutually beneficial relationship.

Mr. Cris Gale is the COO who oversees all projects that come into Scriptware. He is always responsive to our demanding requests and ensures that quality translations are delivered on time, a challenge at which he never fails. We have been able to overcome many difficulties thanks to his outstanding managerial skills and positive attitude that I believe he acquired through playing rugby, and his great sense of humor.

Ms. Rie Kida, president of Comsus, periodically meets with Mr. Frank ter Reehorst, president of Scriptware, to discuss and compare notes with the aim of further strengthening our relationship so that both companies will be able to provide better services to our clients.

OrientTran Information Technology, Inc.
Ms. Evelyn Gao

OrientTran Information Technology, Inc. is a translation agency based in Shenzhen, China. Ms. Evelyn Gao, who takes care of all projects from Comsus, is a talented translator and a managerial member of OrientTran. The OrientTran team has demonstrated a high level of expertise in all projects they have been involved in. Their remarkable skills are not limited to translation into Simplified or Traditional Chinese; they also have substantial knowledge of manipulating complicated tags embedded in different types of documents, engineering skills in various file formats, and other techniques required to be performed in today's documentation processes.

Comment from Evelyn
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Quality Korean Inc.
Mr. Sang-bok Youn

Quality Korean was founded in Seoul by Mr. Sang-bok Youn, a highly skilled translator and interpreter of Korean who has a vast range of expertise in many different fields, to offer high quality Korean translations at reasonable rates. Ever since Quality Korean and Comsus established a cooperative relationship in 2004, Quality Korean has been involved in projects of all sizes involving the translation of large volumes of manuals for prominent manufacturers of semiconductors, multimedia projectors, multifunction printers, and other devices, for which they have consistently delivered top quality translations. To add to his list of talents, Mr. Sang takes excellent photographs as a hobby.

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