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Comment from Cris

As a qualified Lawyer, you can ask yourself what am I doing in this "nickel and dime" business, in which words are sold at a price per word. Well it's simple. It is growing, highly demanding, and interesting industry and to be honest a pretty tricky one too, a thing mostly underestimated by clients, who often see as just another commodity one purchases.

At Scriptware we take pride in getting things right, putting the right qualified translator on the job, deploying smart technology to help speed a translation job up, and ensuring consistency and quality of course! It is a privilege working with a very brainy team of professionals, all sharing the same love of this trade. As I have been recruiting translators for over 10 years now, I dare to claim that the 250 or so translators working frequently for Scriptware, are the best in the trade in their field and language combinations. All being handpicked, tested and tried, they are very loyal to us, as they see we mean well and take their trade very seriously! The toughest part is explaining to outsiders what I actually do each day, as most think I am a translator myself.

Working together with Comsus is a delight. Osamu Fukada is the highly intelligent fluent-English speaking liaison between our 2 companies, and I am sure he will agree we have a great understanding and cooperation. It feels more like colleagues or even friends in Japan, than a partner bureau as we by now all go back such a long way.

The translation business is a trade in which people job-hop a lot, well not true in the case of Comsus and Scriptware. Both are solid and well-founded! Later in life it all comes down to dedication and loyalty, the rest is for the slick guys who make money around us!


Cris Gale is the British born son of the former journalist and Benelux director of the Associated Press (AP), John Gale. After moving via Copenhagen (for 6 years) to the Netherlands at the age of 9, he went through the Dutch school system and studied international law at the VU University of Amsterdam. At an early age he was spotted as a sports talent and scouted by Ajax for the youth academy. His love however of the "man's" sport Rugby prevailed and led to a request for his Dutch citizenship in order to represent his country in Rugby in the 80's and early 90's. He played 100+ games for the Netherlands, among which 3 seasons as captain, participating in 37's rugby world championships in Australia and Hong Kong!

After university his career took a very varied path from financial positions, via qualitative and quantitative market research, to various management positions at companies like Hewlett Packard, Calcomp and BP. As he is fully bilingual, he switched to the translation business at the age of 35, seeing the many challenges in a then very old fashioned but charming market!

At 48 now (2010), he is married to a Dutch lady and has a 10-year-old son, who takes up most of his spare time. A passion for good red wine, an intelligent movie, his work, the island Ibiza (Spain) and of course still playing and coaching rugby are still the other great passions in his life!

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